5 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

February 15, 2018 by Teddy Deleon

5 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent and Las Vegas property manager

5 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent


It should go without saying that the Las Vegas property management industry is a competitive and fast-paced scene. If you’re trying to find the most reliable real estate agent in Las Vegas, here are some foolproof traits you should look for:


  1. Good Communication Skills – We all know that any good relationship has to have mutual and clear communication, but when it comes to the buying and selling of property, it’s crucial that the agent and their client are all on the same page. In this type of situation, it’s most probable that the clients are not familiar with real estate, so there has to be solid communication between both parties to ensure mutual trust. Plus, the property agent industry (especially in a place as busy as Las Vegas) is always fluctuating, so it’s crucial to have an agent who’s always on their toes and ready to let you know when it’s time to take any action.
  2. A Reputable Portfolio of Past Work – The same way you would check out a photographer’s gallery or a potential model’s portfolio, a dependable real estate agent should be proud enough of their past work that they will have a list of past clients you can contact for a reference. A good real estate agent will have plenty of satisfactory testimonials about them that they’re happy to share with you. If you live in a smaller area, a good real estate agent might already have established something of a name for themselves, but in a city as large as Las Vegas, it’s possible that there are many different names to choose from, and the hard is picking the right one. That’s why carefully analyzing their past work can be a great help.5 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent and Las Vegas property manager
  3. Close Attention to Detail – It’s one thing to communicate with clients, but it’s another thing for the content of that communication to be anything valuable! A good real estate agent will pay close attention to details, including the unique needs of their particular client. A family looking to buy a house has drastically different needs than a representative of a firm or business trying to lease an office building. The strongest real estate agents are organized and proactive, following all leads to close on a deal as quickly as possible.
  4. Business Smarts – One of the great appeals of the real estate industry and property management scene is that it’s not necessary to study a certain field in college or post-college education. Any background in Business, Economics, even Mathematics can give real estate agents a great advantage. However, it’s crucial that reliable real estate agents have good business smarts and and are able to explain these complex transactions to multiple clients according to their needs. A real estate agent is also responsible for their own administrative work, marketing, accounting, and other business details (unless they’re a property manager or some other representative of a larger company). Smooth talking and attention to detail are crucial, but if they can’t be combined with an astute mind for business, you’re probably better off seeking a different real estate agent.
  5. A Pleasant Personality – Of course, every client has a different personality, and a business relationship does not have to be one that ends with both parties becoming best friends for life. There is no requirement anywhere that all real estate agents are extremely extroverted, but a good real estate agent will at least have a pleasant personality that is not only tolerable to be around but will make clients feel comfortable, at ease, and respected. A good real estate agent is energetic, motivated, and excited to work, not someone who is trying to cut corners. A real estate agent should never be condescending or rude to their clients – without their clients, they would have no job, after all! As a matter of fact, real estate is something of a service profession rather than strictly industry. Most real estate agents are in this field because the business is exciting, presenting something of a challenge that they seek to conquer. However, it’s important to realize that real estate agents, above all, should have a strong desire to be genuinely helpful.
  6. Awareness of the Current Field – This plays a role in the “Business Smarts” section listed above, for sure. However, to be more specific, a reputable real estate agent has a network of connections that they have built over the years. This is not to say that the only good real estate agents are those that have been in the field for decades, but real estate agents should learn from their experience and be able to apply what they have learned to future cases. For instance, they should have contacts with past clients, as well as other brokers, real estate agents, property managers, home inspectors, even mortgage loan officers. This will show that they’re on top of their game, so to speak. A successful real estate agent understands the local market like the back of their hand, using past experiences to create a specific strategy for each case, distinguishing themselves from their competition.


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