Benefits of Buying a Home in Las Vegas

September 28, 2017 by bcadmin

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Benefits of Buying a Home in Las Vegas


If you’re a first-time home buyer or buying your first home in Las Vegas, it can be hard to decide where you want to purchase your property. The average home price in Vegas is $185,000 but this number fluctuates as home value in the area is going up and down with each passing year. The current average home value is the same as it was back in 2004 before the recession.

Chances are, if you’re looking at Vegas to settle down, you’re probably attracted to the city for one reason or another. When it comes down to making a purchase, though, one reason to live in Vegas might not be enough to sway you to take such a big chance on a city that never sleeps.

This being said, Vegas is a great place to buy a home for a number of reasons. If you aren’t totally set on Las Vegas already, you might be after you read the following list of reasons that buying in Las Vegas is beneficial.


Warm weather

One of the biggest benefits of settling down in Las Vegas is its warm weather. For most of the year, the city sits at an average temperature of 69.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Las Vegas has been known to get various amounts of snow during the winter, but winters are generally pretty mild and there is usually less snow here than in other parts of the country. Even if there is snow, Vegas isn’t likely to get big snow storms like other parts of the country might.

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Night life

If you’re a young person looking for a city with exciting night life or an older person who enjoys the life of a night-owl, Las Vegas is a good destination to buy a home in. Most establishments in the city are open 24 hours a day, and there are dozens of bars, pubs, and clubs speckled around the area. If you work a late shift and are hoping to have some fun after work, there is always something fun for you to do- even if it’s at 3am that you decide to go out.


Housing prices

Compared to other large cities in the country, Las Vegas is able to gloat that it has affordable housing. The price to rent within city limits is lower than the cost to rent in other locations, and the same can be said for purchasing a home. Things such as utilities are generally lower in cost, as well, making the overall cost of living fall onto the lower end of the price scale. This is especially true when it comes to heating costs, as Las Vegas has generally warm temperatures that often means that heating is the least expensive bill residents receive.

Benefits of Buying a Home in Las Vegas

Low chance of flood/hurricanes

If you’re moving to Vegas from somewhere that is prone to flooding and hurricanes, the desert landscape can offer a much-needed escape. Due to the city being surrounded by desert, the area is safe from flooding, hurricanes, and overly rainy weather.



The location of Las Vegas means that residents are surrounded by travel opportunity. From Vegas, residents have a short 4-hour drive to Las Angeles, a 5-hour drive to San Diego or Phoenix, and short 4-6 hour drives to great skiing locations in Northern California and Utah. Being so close to other states and their attractions means that Las Vegas residents can take weekend vacations and be back by the next work day.


Festivals and celebrations

Las Vegas is home to an assortment of annual cultural festivals. Some of the festivals include celebrations for the Greek, Hawaiian, and Latin cultures. There are also several beer festivals each year that draw large crowds of locals and visitors.


Settling down in a city like Las Vegas can be intimidating- however, as time goes on, you’ll adjust to how the city works and find a peace of mind knowing that you have bought a house in a city with affordable costs and no shortage of fun things to do. After you settle in, you’re sure to make friends with the locals and enjoy getting to know the various groups of tourists that the city hosts each year.








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