Henderson Property Management

Welcome! IMS Property Management Overview

July 14, 2017 by bcadmin

Henderson Property Management

Welcome! IMS Henderson Property Management Overview

IMS Realty Real Property Management is dedicated to providing you with exceptional property management service. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or sell, IMS is ready to guide you every step of the way. It’s our job to keep up to date with current market trends and even hold background checks on your possible clients. This means you will be working with reliable and trustworthy people. Our headquarters on lovely South Maryland Parkway helps us keep in touch with our patrons from Las Vegas and the Clark County areas, and our service is even more accessible with our seamless, state-of-the-art website. Take a look around and you’ll see we’ve incorporated search engines for properties on the market to sell or rent as well as an easy-to-use mortgage calculator, online rental application, and even links to local restaurants and events.

However, we’re more than our website, just like you’re more than your property. We’re committed to working with you to provide you with the best price for your home, whether you’re buying or selling. We have experience working with new couples, individual homeowners, and business brokers who regularly rent out multiple properties in different locations. It’s our mission to connect you with reputable clients in safe neighborhoods. We’ve familiarized ourselves with all the tricks of the trade and will be able to tell from the beginning of a prospective vendor has any dishonest motives. This is why we’re prepared to handle all the details of your transaction from beginning to end, no matter how long the entire process takes.

Henderson Property Management

Henderson Property Management by IMSs the leading real estate agency in the Las Vegas area, and not for no reason have we earned that moniker! Our services go much deeper than simply connecting you to a possible vendor, tenant, or other valuable contact. We work intently on the advertising and marketing of your property, background checks and screening of any potential tenants, maintenance scheduling, periodic inspections, and more. We’re confident we can make your real estate experience the most secure and stress-free process you could have hoped for.

Since we know life can be unpredictable and even the most mild-mannered tenants can result in some wear and tear to the property, we can reduce the chances of a tenant breaking policy by our thorough background screens, and we believe in maintaining consistent and honest communication with all involved parties. We give professional property management advice and in the situation of any worst-case scenarios, we are trained in enforcing leases, processing late payments as smoothly as possible, and, if push comes to shove, handling evictions.

Property management can be daunting, but it’s what we love to do. We have experience dealing with every situation imaginable, and if you give us the chance, we’d be honored to work with you to sort out all the kinks that may crop up. When it comes to real estate, there’s no company you could depend on more than IMS Realty Real Property Management. Give us a call and we’ll get started as soon as possible!

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