Wonderful Experience

I worked with Michael to purchase a condo we planned to rent out. Michael found a unit for me when the one I was going to buy was no longer available. The price was reduced so Michael started to look into it and discovered it was a foreclosure and there was going to be an auction. We won the bid and the rest of the process was less than easy. If it weren’t for Michael, I don’t think I would have been able to close. He kept on top of everything to make sure we had all the documents needed for the closing. The company we worked with were not the easiest to deal with, but because of Michael’s knowledge and patience everything got done and we closed early.

The day we closed, Michael met with a possible renter who wanted the unit and moved in a week after closing.

Michael was very professional, patient and helpful during the entire process. He made sure everything was taken care of including calming me down a couple times when I got frustrated with the process. I highly recommend him and IMS Realty.

Wonderful Experience was last modified: January 13th, 2017 by Teddy Deleon